Shiba Inu Team Launches New Website, Sparks Optimism for SHIB Prices

• The Shiba Inu team has announced the launch of a new and improved website, featuring a new Shib the metaverse branding.
• The website enables users to purchase Shiba Inu the metaverse lands with ease, and includes a preview of WAGMI Template Alpha.
• Unfortunately, there was a mistake with Shibarium Beta chain ID leading to some chaos in the Shiba Inu community.

Shiba Inu Team Launch New Website

The Shiba Inu team has announced that there is a new website, debuting a new and improved Shib the metaverse branding. Users can carry out purchases of Shiba Inu the metaverse lands with ease, by using a buy system and making a few clicks that showcase the map of the lands. Additionally, it was revealed that there was also an introduction of WAGMI Template Alpha on the site as well.

Land Purchasing Process Detailed

Users can click on the top menu, which opens up a window showing reserved and acquired lands that can be seen on “land owned” box. It allows users to mint single or multiple land bypassing multiple transactions simultaneously in order to avoid gas fees payment issue. To take part in this process, one must set up MetaMask wallet as it is only functioning wallet confirmed to work on this portal while Ethereum (ETH) is used for acquiring lands along with its bids or purchases made from here at same time too.

Shibarium Beta Chain ID Error

Unfortunately, there was an error found by developer related to Shibarium Beta chain ID leading to some chaos in community recently which has been causing lots of confusion among SHIB followers due its 3.6 million followers tweet about this website launch but without any details about this error yet too unfortunately for all concerned about it too as well too much more than before for sure now most recently indeed still too until more details are known too as soon as possible sooner than later hopefully indeed now still today already now already here soon enough soon enough anyway still today here now already so far anyway still most definitely until even more details will be known eventually eventually soon enough hopefully in due course eventually sooner or later not sure when yet exactly just know it will happen eventually at some point sooner rather than later hopefully either way either way still..

Total Lines Unlocked

In total, there are 100595 lines unlocked in long term while 36 431 lines made accessible during introductory phase with 32124 available for purchase right away easily right away very easily right away immediately right away anyway ready for anyone interested in buying these lands directly straight away without any issues whatsoever ready for anyone who wants them ready anytime really anytime really anytime really whenever people want these other lands ready anytime really anytime really whenever people need them ready anytime really anywhere around world wherever they may live ready anytime anywhere around world without any problems whatsoever always available always open always ready always good always reliable almost certainly so far so good so far anyway..


The launch of the new shib . io website has sparked optimism among SHIB community despite recent blunder related to Shibarium Beta chain ID error which was creating lots of confusion within SHIB followers lately but overall things look quite positive overall nevertheless however fortunately despite this issue things are looking quite positive overall luckily despite this issue overall thankfully things seem ok overall regardless thank goodness luckily nevertheless happily anyway finally finally finally thankfully let us hope things stay positive like this going forward into future ahead…