Mooky – The Monkey Leader Taking Crypto Markets by Storm!

• Mooky, the Monkey leader is leading the crypto market
• A tribe of settlers from a faraway island came to Tyneham and exploited its resources recklessly
• Mooky is the new leader who taught them about respecting Mother Nature and coexisting with animals

Mooky is Leading the Crypto Market

Mooky, the Monkey leader, is now leading the crypto market. In the west sits the long-forgotten ghost town of Tyneham where vegetation has grown out of control and drawn in a variety of animals, including monkeys. Deep in the woods lives a tribe of settlers who came from a faraway island to exploit its resources recklessly.

The Settlers Exploit Resources Recklessly

The settlers did not value Mother Nature or her contributions to the earth. They would tear down trees, erect dwellings near animal habitats, destroy forests, and exploit local resources recklessly. The allure has vanished. Animals have been progressively vanishing since Mother Nature abandoned Tyneham hundreds of years ago.

Mooky Becomes Leader

The primates made their decision to choose MOOKY as their strong, cunning, and intelligent leader. The new leader taught them about treating one another with respect, coexisting with other animals, and most importantly–the need for Mother Nature not to abandon us. He made friends with everyone.

Mooky Token

The cutest but also coolest meme token of 2023 is MOOKY! The management of MOOKY’s token is decided by a DAO vote owned by community members; presale is presently taking place for it as well. To improve our environment and bring about change, they will assist in planting trees all around the world without any tax or slippage requirements when buying or selling on Mooky. There are also no team tokens venture capital involved either.

NFTs & Ventures Club

3D Mooky NFTs are really inventive and useful! Each NFT also has a verifiable connection to a tree that was planted in real life too! Owners of legendary or extremely rare cards can become members of Ventures club which offer unique NFTs for two years before liquidity is restricted