Fed Chair’s Grateful Dead Revelation Triggers Ripple Connection Rumors

• Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chair, was accused of having a connection with Ripple Labs after an alleged conversation between him and Congressman Wiley Nickel.
• The conversation referred to Powell’s interest in the Grateful Dead, which is said to be connected to a 2018 video by Ripple executive Chris Larsen.
• Larsen revealed that they were lucky to get the URL from a Grateful Dead super fan and that the decision had to do with the song “Ripple” from the same band.

Ripple’s Secret Connection?

Rumors have been circulating on Twitter about US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s alleged connection with Ripple Labs. This came after an alleged conversation between Powell and Congressman Wiley Nickel before the US Congress this week.

Powell’s Grateful Dead Revelation Raises Eyebrows

The conversation revolved around Nickel asking how much Powell liked a concert performed by the Grateful Dead. To this, Powell replied that he has been a dead fan of Grateful Dead for 50 years. This sparked rumors of his involvement in Ripple’s establishment due to his comment being linked to a 2018 video by Ripple executive Chris Larsen concerning their company creation process.

Who is The Grateful Dead?

The Grateful Dead was an American rock band established in 1965 whose music style was mainly psychedelic rock with touches of blues, country, folk and bluegrass genres. They released their song “Ripple” on September 3rd 1988 which reportedly had connections with Old Testament Psalm 23 and later became the inspiration behind Ripple Labs some decades later.

Powell’s Comments On Bitcoin

Interestingly, Fed Chairman Powells comments on Bitcoin suggest he is also a fan as he made positive remarks during Capitol Hill at a semiannual monetary policy meeting held by Republican Senator John Thune earlier this month where he described it as more than just being speculative assets but rather as having value over time due its use cases such as payment services or store-of-value applications .


It still remains unclear what kind of relationship exists between Jerome Powell and Ripple Labs however his comments about Bitcoin suggests there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to his involvement in cryptocurrency projects . Nevertheless , time will tell if these rumors are true or not .